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Sky Deep is a Producer, DJ, Musician, Live Performer and award-winning filmmaker. Now living in Berlin, she has lived half her life in NYC and Los Angeles.  Her sets, played throughout the US and Europe, keep dancers on their toes with House styles ranging from Deep and smooth to funky G-House to Breaks and Tech beats.  She makes a musical journey from dark grinds to futuristic to wild with freak-sexy edge.
In Spring 2017, Sky played live on Berghain’s mainstage and has become a dance floor necessity in Berlin playing clubs such as Tresor, About Blank, Schwuz and SO36. Worldwide gigs include London (Dalston Superstore), Paris, Tunisia, Prague, Ljubljana, New York and more.
She has been running Reveller Records since 2012 and is often featured on discussion panels, radio shows and workshops: she’s shared stages with The Black Madonna, Olof Dreijer (The Knife), Frankie from Discwoman, Perera Elsewhere, rRoxymore… and she has taught masters classes at Ableton Loop summit.
She has created and keeps on curating Reclaim the Beats Festival, an event series in Berlin with DJs and live performers.
Sky fell in love with House music while dancing in the underground New York scene, but started out as a HipHop emcee, songwriter, producer and guitarist. DJ’ing was a natural progression. Her influences developed from both USA coasts and with her father being a funk and gospel guitarist, she also works as a guitarist. Beginning as an MC and songwriter, she bartered flyer design services with a local studio (Madd Bass) for recording time and soon became an apprentice engineer there, recording and mixing soul music. She also began making her own MPC2000 tracks there Soon after she went on to study at NY’s Institute of Audio Research. Since then, her career has evolved several times.
Additionally, her performances and tracks have been featured on VH1, NBC and UPN in the U.S. As a musician in New York, she  led two different band projects: one Electronic / Funk (discoBAASSIK) and the other Funk/Rock/Rap (Sky D and LeGrange Evolution).



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