When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere – The Soundtrack

Various Artists
Release Date: 04.19.2016
Release Number: REV010F
Release Format: CD, Digital
Artwork by Stefan Fähler

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DVD  Out 24th of June
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Marit Östberg’s creation which is a feature porn documentary premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in October 2015. This is a film with many layers. It is a sexy, sweaty hot porn. It is a film about making porn. It’s a film about the relations between the people behind and in front of the camera. It is a film about friendship and sex. It is a love letter from Marit, the director, to her star, Liz. It is a directors longing back to the collective space that was created during the shooting of the film. It is a porn that wants to become reality. It is a porn that was reality while it was shot.
The soundtrack includes music from The Knife, Karin Dreijer (The Knife; Fever Ray), Oni Ayhun, Borusiade and Mad Kate | the Tide. And some unreleased and new songs from LIGHT ASYLUM, Borusiade, JHNA and Sky Deep. The songs are a collection of dark ambience with synth music, folk/rock and finished out with more dance oriented sounds. There will be eleven tracks on the CD and twelve tracks available on the digital release. The two bonus tracks by Sky Deep are not in the film. They were created as remixes using sampled audio from some film scenes.
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  • LIGHT ASYLUM –  12 HORSEMEN (Previously Unlrealeased Demo)
  • JHNA – (Not the Only) Naked Body
  • 1900 – Heaven
  • Mad Kate | the Tide – Bodies of Flesh, Bodies of Knowledge
  • The Knife – A Cherry On Top
  • Karin Dreijer – Lives Worth Grieving (Film Edit)
  • Borusiade – Sebastian’s Train Ride Dream (Film Edit)
  • Borusiade – Spellbound (Surrender)
  • The Knife – Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized
  • Oni Ayhun – OAR003 – B
  • Sky Deep – Everywhere (Sexy)— feat. Kay, Liz, Paulita, Mad Kate
  • Sky Deep – Everywhere (Hard) — feat. Sadie Lune, Liz, Paulita, Kay, Mad Kate [digital only]