female:pressure Revellers Comp 1

Various Artists
Release Date: 07.23.2015
Release Number: REV003FP
Release Format: Digital
Artwork by Marine Drouan.
After a recent media surge surrounding their visibility project mentioned by Bjork, Fader, and LA Weekly, Female:Pressure and Reveller present: Female:Pressure Revellers Comp 1.
All profits from the compilation will fund their 2nd edition of the Perspectives Festival in Berlin. Covering 15 tracks over 90 minutes, the compilation is mostly dance focussed while featuring a variety of genres including House, Techno, Bass and eclectic Electronica. The result is a journey of grooves and vibes with captivating beats, textures and climaxes.
Female:Pressure is an international network of more than 1500 women working in the electronic music scene. This release follows a compilation that supported Pussy Riot freedom efforts.


Sonja Vectomov – “Microbe Hunters” (Electronica / Bass)
French Concession – “To Be Free” (Electronc – Pop)
Laura Mello – “Punsch Me” (Electronc – Pop)
Anna Leopolder – “Upright” (Electronic)
Lady Maru – “Aprile” (House)
Ena Lind – “Ferdinand” (Deep House)
Sky Deep – “Sho Nuff” (Deep Funky House)
NEYBUU – “Berghain in Berlin” (Bass, Techno)
Abyss X – “True” (Live Version) [Vocal Acid Techno]
Ipek Ipekciouglu feat. Lina Sur – “Rise & Fall” (Tech-House)
Lila D – “Maverick Cocktail” (Techno)
Kritzcom – “Huit” (Techno)
Misster Mystery – “Starry Night” (Techno)
Elizabeth Vince – “Sonant” (Electronica)