15 Questions Interview w/ Sky Deep

“I’ve only learned a few rules in music … just enough to knowingly break them when desired.” 15 Questions  Interview with Sky Deep http://bit.ly/15QSKY

Sky Deep talks Berlin Life with Phoenix Mag

Sky Deep is the kind of multi-disciplinarian whose CV gives other portfolio careerists cold sweats. The Berlin-based filmmaker, producer and prominent LGBTQ+ activist – whose film Enactone has aired at queer film festivals including Glasgow’s SQIFF and Lisbon’s Queer Lisboa – also moonlights as a DJ, musician, and live performance artist. Having just scooped an award at the … Continued

High Snobiety: Coconut Oil Video Premier & Interview w/ Sky Deep

How do we love thee, coconut oil? Let Sky Deep count the ways… The Berlin-based American DJ and producer has created an incredibly danceable track naming everything she loves about the substance in all its forms. Over a funky ghetto house beat, Sky lists off her favorite uses of the versatile oil.   Click here … Continued

Groove Magazine & Sky Deep on Reclaim the Beats

There is hardly a shortage of festivals in Berlin, but only a few that consciously focus on otherwise marginalised artists. With Reclaim The Beats however, the DJ and Reveller founder Sky Dietrich alias Sky Deep brought together a diverse roster of artists for live performances, workshops, movie screenings and DJ sets last year. The festival’s 2017 edition will take place between … Continued

Flux FM on Reclaim the Beats w/ Sky Deep

The club sandwich on Friday with Mathi Weck and on Saturday with Sascha Schlegel is thickly occupied with techno and house. Also on air: Friday 9 pm Interview: Reclaim The Beats Festival with Sky Deep Radio Broadcast  

HLLYWD’s Interview with Mate Magazine

Nach Jahren der Schaffensphase und Selbstfindung ist es diesen Sommer endlich soweit: der Künstler und Performer Hllywd veröffentlicht seine erste EP. Wir trafen uns mit dem Wahlberliner mit britischen Wurzeln wieder zum Interview und wollten wissen, was uns auf dem Extended Player erwartet und wieso es eigentlich so lange dauerte bis zur Veröffentlichung seines Erstlingswerk. … Continued