Lila D.
Lila D. aka Valeria (Signal Deluxe) / Blaq Records / Pantamuzik
After becoming addicted with record shopping in the early 90’s, Valeria has never stopped chasing here own rabbits down the Techno holeā€¦
always fascinated with dark, hypnotic, and introspective styles of electronic music
Spinning professionally for the past 15 years her life has become and intrinsic path of music creativity and live performance, together with her partner in crime under their Signal Deluxe outfit as well as under her Lila D. disguise, she interprets her own philosophy and story telling through sound.
With more than 160 releases under her Signal Deluxe alias for many of her favorite labels around the world, and around 50 releases as Lila D. exploring a grand variety of genres, ranging from experimental house to deep techno spiced up with some future garage and acid breakbeat.
A restless artist in the hands of temptation and love, giving herself to the night, adventure and sophisticated beat ensembling
Valeria is a tour de force when it comes to her art! successfully running her own 2 labels (Blaq Records & Pantamuzik) where she showcases a spectacular range and diversity of artists and styles, the music showcased in these 2 labels is a whirlwind of top players and upcoming artists from all over the world with a strong focus on Mexican underground producers, both labels are prolific platforms that thrive in the symbiotic alliance between underground artists exploring new avenues and the artistic freedom of their unique A&R and subversive PR Aesthetics.
Both labels have played a major roll in the development of and Prevailing of fine musical creations in the underground realms of Mexico
Lila D has re – located to the beautiful city of Berlin to keep on pushing the boundaries of her music and expand her artistic horizons.
With a residency at Golden Gate, Berlin her long after hours sessions are getting quite a buzz in town.