Steve Knots
Steve Knots is a bassline wizard who makes shufflebeat, dub-funk and wobble-waltz music for sound system therapy in a world that is coming totally un-glued.
Just at the end of 2015 he finished an instrumental album titled “Zukka-Zukka”, scheduled for release on Reveller Records in March — eleven tracks of creepy carnival piano lines, scratchy hand percussion and big gummy basslines.
Steve Knots began his journey playing live electronic music in the New York City underground. In 2007 he relocated to Prague, CZ where he sharpened his creative skills in a series of DJ residencies at legendary Prague nightclubs Chapeau Rouge, Cross Club and Palac Akropolis doing world music re-mixed with house, dub and DnB.

“We are not partying to escape from life. We are making a life that nobody ever needs to escape from…”

He has played at such local Czech festivals as Freeze Fest, Fringe Festival, United Islands and Povalec, as well as joining the international music scene with recent performances at Goulash Disko, Croatia.
His discography now includes four albums of original music and two remix collections.  It ranges from house to minimal tekno to DnB, with an additional batch of secret new material in the works for the 2016 summer season.

“Park a sound system next to an organic farm and add free solar power energy — then instead of just a music festival, you have a PERMANENT VILLAGE!” – SK