SKY DISCO and BAASSIK met while working on a rock band gig. After the gig, they found a musical synergy with each other. They realized that they were both ridiculous “gear headz” and joined their gear together to push it to the limit. So the music you’ll hear, is our own soul/funk from deep down inside — mixed with our desire to stretch the limits of our electronic equipment.
SKY DISCO has performed and had some of her musical compositions featured on television stations such as VH1, NBC and UPN. She is a freelance guitarist, vocalist, writer and audio engineer.
SKY DISCO is the founder of www.GuitarDame.com, the premier site for female guitarists and other musicians. She also writes for the popular NYC music blog www.FeastofMusic.com. More performances and video can be found at www.SkyDandLeGrange.com (which is all about her rock band)
BAASSIK has played bass in the band The Lo Frequency for several years and has toured all over the world with the band to such places as Morrocco, Syria, Lebanon and many others. This was all part of an amazing tour put together by Jazz at Lincoln Center in NY. BAASSIK has appeared with her band on MTV and MTV U. She has also taught at in NYC at Willie Mae’ Rock Camp for girls and continues to gig with other projects in the city.