Bella Cuts
“Bella Cuts makes you dance on the ruins of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”
– Vaginal Davis
BELLA CUTS started out in 1999 as a bass-obsessed nightclub photographer in Aotearoa / New Zealand and has been DJing in Berlin and around Europe since 2011. In September 2014 she was selected for the first edition of Expatriarch Generations. Perera Elsewhere took Bella her under her wing, sharing production insights as well as the billing for the inaugural Generations event at Schwuz.
Building on this she continued producing and has been DJing at venues, festivals and clubnights including Tasty, Berries, Yo!Sissy, Ohm, Bi Nuu, Schwuz, Ava, S├╝dblock, Mint, Boo Hoo, SO36, Hot Topic, Musik & Frieden and Mensch Meier.
Since April 2015 Bella Cuts is the host of Expatriarch radio, a monthly show focusing on queer and feminist artists performing in Berlin. After creating two tracks for the Enactone soundtrack, she is working on her first EP which will be released via Reveller Records.