Mad Kate | the Tide
Mad Kate (vocals text movement) and the Tide (guitar loops electronics) collaborate in a new perpetual adventure pet that touches the multiplying way we access music and performance.
Reaching to the widest breadth of its roots and inspirations: electronic to folk, acoustic traditions to punk, they speak with a sentimental strong angry proud commanding gentle beautiful urgent brave voice. Together they explore the concept of ALIVE:NESS, taking a multimedia, hyperlinked and textual approach to recorded and live musical performance.
Alive:ness. To what extent are we alive in each other’s lives—physically, emotionally, electronically, living or dead—taking into account our contemporary context of virtual interaction, shape-shifting and poly-physical interpretations of our own identities? What does it mean to be present when the terms of our own existence are relative to how we interact physically and virtually with those most close to us? This is our exploration and praxis.