Brightening up the place with his Moschino belts, kiss-curls, giant pearls and even bigger platforms, Hllywd is the emerging, multifaceted, DIY artist you want to party (and make sweet, sweet music) with. Finding himself drawn to the feminine, carefree spirits of icons Grace Jones and Roisin Murphy, Hllywd also shimmy and shakes to the beat of his own drum.
Bursting with deep-dropping bass lines, glimmering melodies and skittering rhythms, Hllywd seems to channel something spellbinding in every track that he makes. His obvious talent meant that, at just 25, he was producing beats for Andy Brooks (Red Tape) and co-producing and co-writing tracks with Argy (Recluse, Love Dose).
With stars in his eyes and the world at his fingertips, this Berlin-based bright-spark is fast becoming one-to-watch this year. Vocalist, performer, songwriter, DJ, he’s now about to add ‘producer’ to his extensive resume. Hailing from Derby (England), Hllywd draws upon the multicultural world that he grew up in for inspiration, and his soulful vocals give his listener a glimpse into his vibrant life.
Hllywd has stayed busy between releases and now he’s about to drop his first independent EP “Dark Pum Pum” – a positive and empowering ode to the sexuality of brown girls. Spanning techno, house, dancehall and UK base, all on the same body of work, he’s living proof that you don’t have to confine yourself to one genre to be coherent. Specific highlights on his EP include lead single “Melanin Melody”, full of experimental electronic majesty, and official remixes from Mike Star and Discwoman’s BEARCAT.
With a number of exciting new projects up his sleeve, and a flock of fans that follow his every Insta-move, Hllywd is proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with.


Dark Pum Pum