DJ Ipek
The internationally renowned DJ İpek İpekçioglu, publisher of the award-winning Beyond Istanbul CD series at the record label Trikont and, among others. She is the curator of the “Beyond Istanbul Concerts” at Ballhaus NaunyStraße, “New Sounds of Berlin in Istanbul” at Borusan Cultural Centre, “#Berlin2Istanbul : Extraschamus” for Berlin Festival 2015 and New Sound of Istanbul and Berlin at Radialsystem V. Musically she is very well known for her seductive fusion sound & dance music from Turkey, OrAsia and the Balkans. In her sets, she refers to folk electro fusion, Gypsy Funk & Break Beats & Pop, House & Minimal and Berlin Electro.
İpek takes her audience on an aural journey through different cultures of the Middle East, the Balkans and Turkey with carefully planned escapades to the UK and the USA. Her mixes provide surprising breaks to the steady course of club music today.